Konawa Conservation District

Conservation districts are legal subdivisions of state government, whose primary goal is to assist citizens in practicing wise use and management of the state’s renewable natural resources, especially its soil and water. Conservation districts continue to assist farmers and ranchers as in the past, but today also assist a larger segment of the public including community planners, public health officials, developers and rural and urban citizens. Districts also provide a variety of education materials and opportunities for students, and some lease or provide equipment to local landowners.

The entire state is divided into conservation districts, usually, but not always, along county lines. A five-member board of directors guides each district, three of which are elected by area voters in Conservation District Director Elections and two are appointed by the Oklahoma Conservation Commission based on local board recommendations.

Contact Konawa Conservation District

Contact Konawa Conservation District

Collene Brinlee
District Coordinator
102 East First
Konawa, Oklahoma  74849-2239
Phone: (580) 925-3117
Fax: (580) 925-3117


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Seminole County, Oklahoma