Kinney County Groundwater Conservation District

District Mission
The mission of the Kinney County Groundwater Conservation District is to develop, promote and implement water conservation and management strategies to conserve, preserve, and protect the groundwater supplies of the District, to protect and enhance recharge, prevent waste and pollution, and to promote efficient and beneficial use of groundwater within the District. The District seeks to protect the rights of owners of water rights as defined in Texas Water Code, Chapter 36 (36.002) within the District from impairment of their groundwater quality and quantity from within the District and to guard against same from outside the District by all means available, pursuant to the power and duties granted under Chapter 36, Subchapter “D” of the Texas Water Code. The District desires to manage the production and quality of groundwater within the District on a sustainable basis that allows the capture of water flowing through the county without jeopardizing the availability of water to the county during extended periods of low rainfall or unduly increasing the frequency of the natural cycles for springs and intermittent streams going dry.

Contact Kinney County Groundwater Conservation District

Contact Kinney County Groundwater Conservation District

Peggy Sue Postell
Acting Manager
P.O. Box 369
Brackettville, Texas  78832
Phone: 830-563-9699
Fax: 830-563-9606


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Kinney County, Texas