Kings River Falls Natural Area
Kings River Falls Natural Area, Madison County, is located at the interface of the Springfield Plateau and Boston Mountains subdivisions of the Ozark Mountains. The natural area includes Kings River with Kings River Falls being a focal point. Kings River is a clear mountain stream originating east of Boston in Newton County. The river flows for about 50 miles through Madison and Carroll Counties, eventually merging with Osage Creek before it flows into Table Rock Reservoir. A mixed pine-hardwood forest covers slopes on the east side of the natural area. On the west side, steeper slopes are covered almost entirely with hardwood species. Rock walls, bluff shelters, and rocky slopes characterize most of the western half of the tract. A diverse and colorful shrub community borders the stream. Visitors can hike a primitive trail from the parking area to the falls. *Please be aware that recent heavy rains and high water have eroded some banks along Mitchell Creek and the Kings River. This erosion has also damaged portions of the trail. Efforts will be made to repair the trail, and stream bank stabilization will be taking place throughout 2012. Please use caution.*

Specific types of hunting are allowed on this natural area. For details, see the current Arkansas Game and Fish Hunting Guidebook. Take all necessary safety precautions when visiting this area.

From the community of Boston on State Highway 16 (between Fallsville and St. Paul), go north on County Road 3175 (dirt) for 2.1 miles; bear right as the road forks onto County Road 3415. Stay on this road for 2.3 miles until you come to a "T" intersection with County Road 3500. Turn left, and go across the creek and park at natural area sign.

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