Kimberly L. Sykes


  1. Assist in the development and application of an environmental stewardship ethic for our society, based on ecological principles, scientific knowledge of fish and wildlife, and a sense of moral responsibility.
  2. Guide the conservation, development, and management of the Nation's fish and wildlife resources.
  3. Administer a national program to provide the public opportunities to understand, appreciate, and wisely use fish and wildlife resources.

Functions. Here are a few of the ways we try to meet our mission:


Contact Kimberly L. Sykes

Contact Kimberly L. Sykes

US Fish & Wildlife Service - Noxubee NWR
Deputy Manager
2970 Bluff Lake Road
Brooksville, Mississippi  39739
Phone: 662-323-5548
Cell Phone: 662-229-8580


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Noxubee County, Mississippi