Keegan & Coppin Company Inc.

Keegan & Coppin Company, Inc. is a full service real estate company providing real estate marketing services to the office, industrial, retail, ranch/vineyard and investment markets. Further, we provide property management services and commercial tenant improvement services through our Builders division. As a company we view ourselves as a marketing organization charged with the responsibility of facilitating and enhancing the commercial real estate market and to promote the economic development of our community.

Keegan & Coppin Company, Inc. promotes the perspective that we make the market in real estate through inventorying, leasing and selling of current facilities, promote the common well being of a community and generally provide an entrepreneurial approach to allocating real estate resources by facilitating development and liquidity of commercial properties. We contribute to the economic development of the community by taking a proactive approach in developing business infrastructure and in helping to support our local community through its many volunteer agencies. Further, we contribute through our commitment to transference of market knowledge and continually updating inventory, marketing standards and technical requirements of commercial facilities.

Above all, we uphold an honest, energetic, open, transparent and timely communications directly with all clients and comprehensive and professional approach to all activities in providing real estate services. The cumulative result is to productively employ our knowledge of the marketplace, to enhance our effectiveness in leasing, selling, and managing commercial real estate and provide "value added" results for our clients.

Contact Keegan & Coppin Company Inc.

Contact Keegan & Coppin Company Inc.

Al Coppin
President, Broker, Company Wide Inquiries
1355 North Dutton Ave.
Santa Rosa, California  95401
Phone: 707-528-1400
Fax: (707) 524-1419


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