Just Trees

Just Trees is locally owned and has been serving Central Texas for more than 25 years.  We partner with our clients to preserve the health and beauty of their trees.  We offer professional pruning, removals, installations, health care programs, diagnostics and consulting services.

  • Insured
  • ISA Certified Arborists on Staff

Contact Just Trees

Markus Smith
PO Box 4005
Austin, Texas  78765
Phone: 512-467-8733


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Bastrop County, Texas
  • Bell County, Texas
  • Blanco County, Texas
  • Burnet County, Texas
  • Coryell County, Texas
  • Falls County, Texas
  • Gillespie County, Texas
  • Hays County, Texas
  • Lampasas County, Texas
  • Lee County, Texas
  • Llano County, Texas
  • McLennan County, Texas
  • Milam County, Texas
  • Travis County, Texas
  • Williamson County, Texas

Related Success Stories for Just Trees

American Chestnut Restoration
Using new technologies and a strong partnership, blight resistant strains of American Chestnut are being used to restore the tree to its former range.

American Forests & Bureau of Land Management
American Forests and the BLM teamed up to re-establish pine forests on acquired cutover lands on the Homestead Mesa in New Mexico.

American Forests and Mountains to Sound Greenway
This project planted native trees on former logging roads to create a continuous “greenbelt” along Interstate 90 in order to improve surrounding habitats.

Arroyo Seco Watershed Restoration Program
The Arroyo Seco Watershed Restoration Program is developing a comprehensive, long-term program to manage and restore the grand canyon that runs from the San Gabriel Mountains to downtown Los Angeles.

Asian Long-horned Beetle Eradication
A coordinated effort among agencies and citizens to control the spread of the Asian Long-horned Beetle and restore infested areas with tree plantings.

Bahia Grande Estuary Restoration
Restorated tidal exchange and estuary functions of an 11,000 acre barren basin and reestablished critical habitat for fish, wildlife and waterfowl.

Central Oregon Partnership for Wildfire Risk Reduction
The Central Oregon Partnership is using small tree harvests as a tool to foster health forest health and build new forest-biomass industries.

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Conservation
Regional partnership works with farmers to improve agricultural practices and improve water quality within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Chester Creek Rehabilitation Project
An urban town-center development project has made conservation its top priority. The project's partners have restored an important natural resource for the people and animals who call the area “home.”

Clinton River Spillway Bike Path Project
This state and national award-winning project is a volunteer effort to conserve, enhance and protect land and water quality through environmentally-friendly gardening, public education and outreach.

Community Floodplain Buyout Partnership
Missouri watershed project used to buyout more than 100 frequently flooded residences and businesses in Piedmont. In their place are a park and a hiking trail.

Community-Based Monitoring
The Chewaucan Biophysical Monitoring Project (CBMP) was born out of the combined efforts of environmental organizations, government agencies and, most of all, concerned community members.

Connecticut River - Riverbank Restoration
Riverbank erosion control, water quality improvement, and habitat enhancement through bank stabilization and riparian buffer installation.

Cool Springs, NC
Over 2,500 of diverse forested wetland acres, located along the Neuse River floodplain and owned by forest industry, will remain forested forever.

Cusick Wetland Restoration
The Partnership restored a wetland, created a wetland educational site, and established a park.

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage
500-1000 person ecovillage in northeast Missouri as experimental project in social and technological strategies for sustainable living for North Americans.

Detroit River Conservation Partnerships
A community comes together to address heavily polluted river corridors, while restoring wildlife habitat and preserving recreational uses.

Dry Creek Quarry Restoration
Since 2004, Sequoia Riverlands Trust has been restoring natural stream flows, recontouring disturbed areas, seeding native grasses and planting oak and sycamore trees at this former gravel mine.

Elk City Township Defensible Space Project
Treating vegetative growth on federally managed land near homes and facilities. This action will reduce the potential and intensity of wildfire.

Endangered Species Act Assurances for Private Landowners
Private landowners with approved NRCS-RMS conservation plans are able to use their lands for work and conservation with a minimum of red tape.

Escobar's Highland Farm
After years of hard work, Aquidneck Land Trust reached a monumental agreement with Louis and Jane Escobar to acquire the deed to development rights on 75 contiguous acres of the Portsmouth farm.

Indiana Master Naturalist Program
Brings together specialists with adult learners to foster an understanding of Indiana's natural resources and promote volunteer service and conservation in local communities.

Invasive Species Florida Strike Team
This public/private partnership is a team of dedicated individuals and volunteers that meet monthly to kill invasive plant species on each others lands.

Iowa Buffer Team
A unique group of public and private partners joined forces to promote the establishment of buffers on agricultural lands.

Jupiter Inlet Natural Area
BLM works with federal, county, municipal, educational and non-profit groups to manage a key regional landmark in northern Palm Beach County.

Longleaf Pine and Oak Planting Projects
Partnership involves expansion of a longleaf pine woodland in an urban area and reforestation of a former bottomland hardwood forest.

McKenzie Creek Watershed Project
The project consists of voluntary acquisition of frequently flooded properties in the City of Piedmont and development of a habitat enhancing greenway.

Mechanized Thinning Trial of Upland Hardwood Forests
A thinning trial was conducted on a site typical of overstocked, saw log-sized, upland hardwood stands on steep (30%), stony terrain in the Ozarks.

Mississippi Wildlife and Grenada Lake
This partnership has produced record fish, relocated overpopulated deer herds, managed disease outbreaks in fish and wildlife and increased acreage of waterfowl management.

Murdock Clean Water Partnership
The community of Murdock, Nebraska, and state and federal partners, used innovative technologies to solve ground and surface water contamination.

Nez Perce Reforestation
This project planted native trees as part of AMERICAN FORESTS’ Global ReLeaf program to reforest burned areas in Nez Perce Woods Property.

Oregon White Oak Restoration
Students and neighbors plant seven Oregon white oaks as pilot restoration project aimed at keeping oak habitat in the neighborhood.

Philadelphia Vacant Land Management and Reclamation
A "clean and green" approach to remove blight, attract new residents, and attract investment to urban, vacant land in Philadelphia.

Project Green
A grass roots group of neighbors living along Pittman Wash in Henderson Nevada decided to rid their community of weeds and tranpslant native trees and partnered with the Natinal Park Service.

Protecting Fish Habitat in SC
A powerful coalition of private citizens and federal, state, and local agencies, is restoring South Carolina's rare trout waters.

Restoring Shaded Coffee Plantations in Puerto Rico
Project provides incentives and assistance to coffee growers to return “sun” coffee plantations to shade, improving environment and wildlife habitat.

Restoring the Deschutes River
The Deschutes River Conservancy works with farmers, communities, agencies, and various organizations to voluntarily restore the Deschutes River.

Seabird Protection Program
The Marine Corps Base Hawaii's Ulupa’u weapons range is the site for a collaborative effort to protect red-footed boobies through state-of-the-art conservation practices.

Stearns Farm Stream Restoration Project
This project is the restoration of an urban stream channel into a fully functioning headwater stream. This stream flows into Big Creek, the 3rd largest tributary to the Cuyahoga River.

Thunderbird/Tajique Landscape Projects
Two landscape-scale projects with large partnerships are working to reduce fire hazard, improve forest health, and create jobs for community sustainability.

USDA, NRCS Partners with U.S. Army in New Jersey
Fort Dix and USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service have partnered for eight years to protect water quality at an active military training base.

Willow Living Snow Fence
Willow living snow fences effectively trap drifting and blowing snow. They reduce vehicular accidents and consumption of winter resources, beautify the countryside and increase biodiversity.

Windbreak and Air Quality
Demonstration sites have been created in Pennsylvania to evaluate the effects of windbreaks on odors coming from poultry, dairy and swine operations.