Judith Wright

Judith A. Wright has lived in the Fresno area for nearly thirty years. She started her career in banking, and then joined her husband, John, in the insurance business. In response to her experience and keen interest in estate planning, she attended San Joaquin College of Law. She is in the unique position to apply her experience in business to the legal profession.

You may have attended one of Judy’s estate planning classes at Fresno Adult School , a workshop on Ethical Wills and Estate Planning at your local church or an “EP101” presentation with her son and fellow law partner, Robert S. Wright.

Judy is a member of Wealth Counsel, National Association of Elder Law Attorneys, the Probate Section of the Fresno Bar Association and the California Bar Association.

Wright and Wright Attorneys at Law, Inc. is a family-founded law firm that has devoted itself to estate planning, estate administration, and probate. Based on a commitment to recognizing and taking into account the unique circumstances surrounding each family, Wright and Wright have grown a firm that cherishes relationships, builds trust, and utilizes a group of attorneys and staff that are deeply committed to making the estate planning process reassuring, pleasant, stress-free, and fulfilling.

Prior to becoming attorneys, Judy Wright, and her son, Rob Wright, were in insurance and financial services. Judy was a licensed life insurance agent and Rob was a Registered Investment Advisor, in addition to holding a life insurance license. In these professions, the Wrights had much contact with estate attorneys on behalf of their (then) financial services clients. They found that most of estate planning was transactional; that is, an attorney "sold" an estate plan to the clients. Far too many estate plans were form documents that failed to adequately accommodate or appreciate each family's unique circumstances and estate planning goals. The Wrights believed (and still believe) that planning for one's estate is deeply personal and when the attorney builds the plan around the person and family, rather than "squeezing" the family into a form document, it is much more likely that the plan will achieve the desired results.

In 1994, with this deep conviction that estate planning could be done better, Judy and Rob decided to refocus their careers and enter law school. They matriculated together at the San Joaquin College of Law, in the fall of that year. The mother and son had many classes together and were somewhat of a novelty at the law school. They were the first (and remain the only) mother and son team to enroll together at SJCL.

Upon graduation, neither Judy nor Rob ever worked in another firm. Judy founded the firm in 1997, under the name "Law Offices of Judith Wright, Inc." Rob joined her in 1998 and the firm adopted its current name in 2005. They realized their dream of building their own firm from the ground up. It wasn't easy! However, the results were worth it. The firm has matured into just the type of relationship oriented practice they envisioned.

All the attorneys have backgrounds in professions other than the law. We believe this adds value in our attorney-client relationships, bringing unique perspectives to this intensely human exercise we call estate planning. We understand the role that the estate planning attorney plays on the family's team-with financial advisors, business advisors, accountants, and other professionals.

There are literally hundreds of advanced estate planning tools available. The challenge comes in determining which of the many tools should be utilized in a given situation. Many attorneys proclaim their firm's ability to create Family Limited Partnerships, Family LLCs, IDGTs, GRATs, QPRTs, CRTs and Family Foundations. While we utilize these tools, among many others, our ability to create and implement one or more of these strategies is far less important than how we go about the process of figuring out which ones are right for you!

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