Jon is an environmental scientist with a focus on stream and wetland assessments, resource management planning and environmental banking. He has worked in different industries and gained experience providing services for projects, including stream and wetland mitigation banking, nutrient banking, regulatory permitting and onsite wastewater disposal system design.

Along with his industry knowledge, Jon’s love of the outdoors and agrarian background give him a unique perspective and concern for working landscapes. His core belief is that every project can achieve its intended purpose and coexist with the environment.

Education • Training • Certification

  • B.S. Crop and Soil Environmental Science, Virginia Tech
  • Professional Soil Scientist
  • Alternative Onsite Soil Evaluator
  • Nutrient Management Planner (Agriculture/Urban)
  • DEQ Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector
  • NRCS Technical Service Provider
  • Qualified Wetlands Expert
  • Prescribed Burn Manager

Contact Jon Roller, AOSE PSS CNMP

Contact Jon Roller, AOSE PSS CNMP

Ecosystem Services, LLC
Principal Soil Scientist
209 2nd St. SW Suite 2A
Charlottesville, Virginia  22902
Phone: 540-578-4296


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Virginia