Jon Mitguard

The goal at Aurora Building Performance (ABP) is to help clients in building high performance buildings. Which are buildings with superb energy efficiency, water conservation, and resource efficiency. We can start with providing title 24 compliance and take it through the final HERS verification. Lots of experience in the field gives us an understanding of construction that helps in providing Title 24 reports that are accurate and achievable. We can also provide the mandatory HERS verification or various others may be used to gain compliance. 

In making your existing home better and more comfortable. ABP can do audits of your home with the goal of identifying where your energy dollars are getting wasted. We then can help to develop the most cost effective way to improve or repair the issues. This is like a check-up at your doctor except, we do house calls.   

We are prepared to help interpret the various Green Building Ordinances that have sprung up and will try to make the best of them for our clients. 

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Contact Jon Mitguard

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