John Smith

John is a ISA member, Certified Arborist, Utility Specialist, Tree Worker Climber Specialist.

Hazlett’s Arbor Division has been in operation since 1966, offering  44 years of integrity and excellence in complete tree care for homeowners.
Key Benefits

  • Ten Certified Arborist’s on staff for professional service.
  • The latest in arborist training and techniques.
  • Skilled employees to care for your landscape.
  • A proud member of the Pennsylvania Urban Forests program. 

In an effort to provide maximum longevity and good health for your trees, we are pleased to offer the following services:
Cabling and Bracing 
To help protect limbs from breakage due to excessive wind and/or weight.

Trees require nutrients to live and thrive. When one or more of these nutrients are deficient in the soil, the tree will not reach its full landscape potential, will be more susceptible to disease and insect problems, and will have a shorter life than a similar, well-fertilized tree.

Insect/Disease Diagnosis and Treatment 
Generally insects feed either by chewing or sucking. Leaves will be stippled, stripped, or skeletonized. A healthy tree can withstand most insect attacks, but there is always the one fatal pest. Disease is often the result of a unhealthy soil condition, or similar factors. Most diseases are fungal and the way to prevent or cure them is to maintain the health of the tree and remove the infected areas through pruning. There are chemical controls for most serious tree pests, but those controls will also kill off the predators that are the long term control of the pest species. The use of insecticides should be limited to times when the tree is seriously threatened.

The main reasons for pruning ornamental and shade trees include safety, health, and aesthetics.

Tree and Stump Removal 
The removal of trees are usually required when a tree is either dead, hazardous, or when it interferes with the growth of other plant material.

Contact John Smith

Contact John Smith

Hazlett Tree Service
14919 Arnold Drive
PO Box 1
Townville, Pennsylvania  16360
Phone: 814-967-4321
Fax: 814-967-3409


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Pennsylvania

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