John J. Slinkosky, ACF

Association of Consulting ForestersForestwide, LLC is a full service forestry consulting and real estate firm currently based in St Mary's, Elk County, Pennsylvania. We provide valuable assistance to area landowners.

Main services include:

  • timber sale administration,
  • forest management plans,
  • timber appraisals/inventories,
  • tree farm inspections,
  • forest regeneration,
  • gis, and
  • oil/gas right-of-ways.

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Contact John J. Slinkosky, ACF

Contact John J. Slinkosky, ACF

Forestwide, LLC
Consulting Forester/Realtor
105 N. Street
Suite 103
Saint Marys, Pennsylvania  15857
Phone: 814-781-8601


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Pennsylvania