John Dahlke

Mr. Dahlke has over thirty years experience in raptor and prairie grouse research across the North American continent. He founded WWC in 1998 to provide natural resource consulting services for a wide variety of clients. John currently manages multiple projects on greater sage-grouse and pygmy rabbit ecology, habitat management, wetland mitigation and science education.

Wyoming Wildlife Consultants, LLC (WWC) specializes in the biological sciences. Our areas of expertise include: wildlife ecology and management, ecologically-based invasive plant management, wildlife habitat management, wetland and riparian sciences, soil science, and rangeland ecology and management.

WWC is the recognized private industry leader in greater sage-grouse ecology and management. Our experience spans investigations into sage-grouse response to various livestock grazing practices, sagebrush habitat enhancement projects, wind energy and fluid mineral development. Our perspective incorporates rigorous, transparent and defensible project design, and includes the most current research.  Our research goal is to provide insights and expand the collective understanding of how to enhance sage-grouse populations given the multiple use of western rangelands.  

WWC is currently involved with the development of several mitigation projects for sage-grouse, providing expertise for state-wide efforts in Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada, as well as the innovative Payment for Ecological Services system being explored in Sublette County, Wyoming. In addition we serve as science advisors for the Wyoming Sage-grouse Implementation Team.  

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