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A open all year facility with an array of activities such as Fly Fishing for Landlock Salmon in the stream to Ice fishing on remote

Our lodge and cabins reflect the long history of Grand Lake Stream as a "sportsmen’s paradise." Since the 1800's sportsmen have traveled to the Grand Lake Stream area to enjoy the superb fishing and hunting (in those days a long and difficult journey for the determined sportsman- today a pleasant trip for the entire family).
Grand Lake Stream was originally built with the world’s largest tannery to tan leather (the bark of hemlock trees in the area provided the tannic acid required) and for logging purposes. A log-driving dam was built at the exit of West Grand Lake and a canal parallel to the stream by passes this to take hemlock bark to the tannery located on the stream (now a state fish hatchery).  Thus our cabins came into existence during the late 1800’s, overlooking the canal and the salmon pool (Dam Pool) below the dam.

The tannery and log driving on the stream are now history.  Today, Grand Lake Stream is a community visited by sportsmen and their families to enjoy the superb fishing, hunting and all outdoor activities that you enjoy in this area of numerous natural lakes and vast timberlands offers.

The famous Grand Lake Stream that is approximately three miles long flows through the village of its namesake is known for some of the best Fly-Fishing for Landlocked Atlantic Salmon in the Northeast

We, at Canal Side Cabins offer you the comfortable facilities needed to make your vacation a pleasant and enjoyable experience.


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