Jim Murphy and Associates

Advocates. Builders. Catalysts.

It's as simple as A-B-C. Advocates-Builders-Catalysts. The members of Jim Murphy and Associates play these three key roles in working with residential and commercial construction clients.

All clients and their designers have needs that must be understood and factored into planning. They have time and budget considerations, and they want their buildings to reflect their vision. As ADVOCATES for our clients, we look out for their interests. We do this by focusing on each detail along the way-not just the final outcome-of a building project. Our style is consultative and collaborative, and our clients develop confidence in us because they know we're working with their interests in mind.

As BUILDERS, we deliver buildings of diverse designs with unique architectural features. We begin with careful project planning and careful selection of materials, and follow through with construction of sound, functional structures that enclose carefully appointed, comfortable environments. Commitment to exacting craftsmanship is a value that characterizes the work of our employees and the specialized subcontractors we bring onto a job. Realistic, experience-based estimates and schedules add to the benefits for clients.

In chemistry, CATALYSTS initiate or facilitate a process. Though essential, the catalyst departs once the process is complete. Our presence on a building project means that good things happen, and all parties' interests are considered. We work to keep regular communication going between owners, architects, engineers, the local building department, and the members of our construction team. We provide information needed for key decisions, and assure that decisions are made when needed. We strive to keep the project on track to achieve a finished product that best reflects the clients' goals.

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Contact Jim Murphy and Associates

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