Jerry Schmidt

Service: Landscape assessments, strategic multiple resource planning, fire hazard assessments and mitigation, conservation enhancements, resource and riparian restoration and other specialties.

Education: Schmidt, BS Forestry, Forest Recreation, Colorado State; Anderson, BS Forestry, MS Hydrology, U of Minnesota; Webb, BS Forestry, N. Arizona; Sparks, BS, MS Range Science, New Mexico State

Experience: Total of nearly 150 years with the USFS and BLM. Variety of resource management experience, project development, implementation, and executive leadership responsibilities. Worked with a variety of forest and range ecosystems throughout the US.

Contact Jerry Schmidt

Contact Jerry Schmidt

Land Stewardship Associates (LLC)
PO Box 1204
Laramie, Wyoming  82073
Phone: 307-721-0704


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Statewide service provider in:
  • Wyoming