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Mainewave is owned by Jeffrey B. Hinckley, who is the primary Energy Auditor.  Jeff has a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from the University of Maine (1987) and has vast experience in many areas.  Some of these areas include Head Brewer, Wireless Engineer,  IT Administrator, and currently Certified Energy Auditor.

"Evaluating homes for energy loss requires an analytical mind, which I have demonstrated in my past occupations." says Jeff.  "I enjoy the evaluations and computations regarding Maine homes.  You never know what to expect, since every home is different.  The reason I excel in this area is because I like to think of myself as a problems solver; every home is a different puzzle that needs solving".

Jeff was certified as a Maine Energy Auditor in February 2008.  Soon after, he also became certified as a Maine Weatherization Technician.  The timing seemed to be right, since the price of oil spiked to over $4.00 per gallon.  This gave him the ability to gain extensive experience in the private sector, since the phone seemed to be ringing off the hook with requests from desperate homeowners who were looking to reduce fuel consumption. 

Jeff is listed on the Efficiency Maine Evaluator list, which allows Mainewave to provide support for homeowners for the rebate programs and PACE loans.  Jeff has completed additional training to become BPI certified, which Maine required after July 1, 2010.

At this time, Jeff works full time for Norris, Inc. as a system integrator for advanced security and communications systems.  It is for this reason that the times available for Energy Audits are usually reserved for the early morning (7am - 11am) and the evening (4pm-8pm).  "This works out the best for all", explains Jeff.  "The advantage of early morning audits is that thermal imaging is more accurate before the sun hits the building shell.  Also, there is normally a higher temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the home, which is ideal.  This is also a time of the day when the heating system has been operating and stable indoor air quality can be at a baseline."  (Though most seek Energy Audits to provide methods which will reduce energy usage, the most important item on the Auditor's mind is indoor air quality, which can be influenced by such elements as CO and moisture).

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Contact Jeffrey Hinckley

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