Jeffrey A. Fisher, Esq.

We’re a dynamic team of professionals ready to help you identify your conservation assets,
determine their value and help you implement a plan to maximize and realize that value.

Whether you own timberland, farmland, pasture, prairie, wetlands, or bodies of water—The Conservation Consultant can work with you to enhance and protect natural and cultural resources through innovative conservation and development strategies.

The Conservation Consultant serves as a manager for a wide array of conservation and Conservation Design Development (CDD) projects for clients ranging from landowners, to government agencies and nonprofits, to land development and conservation professionals.

TCC can also function as a knowledgeable interface between any of the above and their clients.

Working collaboratively with law firms, accountants, appraisers, real estate brokers, land trusts and other real estate professionals, TCC helps our clients to manage their conservation assets as effectively and efficiently as possible, utilizing our client’s current team of advisors, or by building the right team of experts to meet the client’s goals and objectives.

TCC can provide these services and conservation asset management tools:

• Conservation Project Management, including land acquisition, selling or donating a conservation easement, due diligence, and applying for tax credits and deductions.

• Conservation Design Development (CDD) services, including market analysis, cash flow models, landscape design, entitlements, and comprehensive project management and implementation.

• Reports and GIS-Grade Maps that outline a property’s conservation and development assets and opportunities.

• Conservation Plans for open space, water quality, greenways and wetland and stream restoration, and Land Management Plans for agricultural and silvicultural production, habitat restoration and wildlife enhancement.

• Grant writing and applications for conservation funding.

Whatever your need, we specialize in assembling the right team to successfully achieve your asset management goals.

Contact Jeffrey A. Fisher, Esq.

Contact Jeffrey A. Fisher, Esq.

The Conservation Consultant
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