Jeff Holmes

The biodiversity of the southeastern U.S. is rich but imperiled. Our remaining natural lands need ecologically sound management if the rare and sensitive species they support are to survive.

Resource managers often lack staff and equipment to manage and monitor non-game species and natural communities. Since 1998, we have assisted landowners, government agencies, corporations, and organizations in planning and achieving conservation objectives.

Conservation Planner/Senior Field Biologist Jeff Holmes has extensive field experience throughout the Southeast. Prior to joining CSI, Jeff worked first as Zoologist, then as Director of Conservation Planning with The Nature Conservancy of Tennessee. During his five-year tenure with TNC, Jeff played a key role in the development and utilization of innovative conservation planning tools and protocols both within Tennessee and throughout the southeastern United States. He has worked as field biologist/principal investigator on projects with Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee Department of Transportation, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (as a volunteer), and numerous private landowners. Jeff recently wrapped up a study of northern pine snake habitat utilization on Arnold Air Force Base.

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Contact Jeff Holmes

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