Jeff Hollenbeck

Over the last 20+ years, Jeff has worked with, and for, various public and private entities managing natural resources and conducting/providing forestry and emergency services in California, New Mexico, and Oregon. He has worked with The Nature Conservancy, University of California, US Forest Service, California Department of Forestry, California Fish and Game, New Mexico Game and Fish, Bureau of Land Management, New Mexico State University, Oregon State University, and various other entities. Projects and research topics have included population studies, rare species surveys, riparian restoration, invasive plant species, avian studies, mapping and remote sensing, ungulate management, forestry, and education. Current research includes landscape ecology of migrating and dispersing organisms, trophic cascades and top-down ecosystem structure, aspen stand dynamics in western North America, and the integration of GIS and remote sensing technologies in natural resource research and management.

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Contact Jeff Hollenbeck

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