Janice C Matthews

Jan serves a broad-based clientele with a straightforward philosophy and disciplined approach that - in most instances - is designed to help clients envision and enjoy their retirement years.

Using her 35+ years of rich financial experiences, Jan develops 360-degree wealth management strategies on behalf of a diverse clientele - including successful corporate executives, small business owners, widowed and divorced women and men, attorneys, engineers, scientists, farmers and ranchers.

As Jan explains, "Many clients come to me through their attorneys and accountants. They know I've been through all kinds of markets and that I can help them invest for the long-term and ignore 'short-term noise'. Together, we focus on fundamental investing strategies that can provide sufficient and predictable income streams, using tax-minimization strategies.

Beginning each relationship by asking questions, then listening carefully to what clients say (and don't say) about their circumstances, concerns and goals, Jan focuses on two primary areas: developing customized investment strategies and retirement distribution strategies that can provide sufficient and predictable income streams, using tax-minimization strategies.

Jan believes strongly in how people should view taking Social Security distributions. "People need to consider the long-term consequences of how much - and for how long - they'll need that income. Sure, they can begin taking distributions early, but that can adversly affect the quality of their retirement." Seeking to help the public and clients, Jan has led many retirement planning seminars at local companies and organizations, including offices of state and federal employees.

"I want clients to have solid investments and enough personal confidence that they don't look at the market every day. I want them enjoying their retirement," Jan says.

Today, more than 90% of clients having remained with Jan for 20 years or longer - many have referred their grown children and grandchildren to her. With many clients now relocated, retired and living in 26 states, Janice makes it her business to visit them, whenever possible. "It's a pleasure to travel, see clients and see the country," says Jan. "Meeting face-to-face helps them tell me about challenges or dreams they haven't shared before."

Janice is a helpful resource for clients in all stages of the divorce process. Jan's objectivity and knowledge is also highly regarded by many attorneys who ask for her input. "It's gratifying to help clients through transitions in their lives. That's why I partner with a Wealth Management Banker from Bank of America, N.A., who can provide strategic and personalized banking guidance focused on their needs. Working together, we draw upon an expansive array of cash management, credit and other lending solutions designed to fit the overall financial strategy and help to pursue financial objectives. I especially enjoy getting clients' children started - with wise saving and investing habits. As different as clients are, they all appreciate unbiased guidance and proactive service," Jan adds.

Janice Matthews is registered to do business in: AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, ID, IL, IN, MO, MT, NE, NJ, NV, NY, OR, TN, TX, UT, WA, WY

Contact Janice C Matthews

Contact Janice C Matthews

Wealth Management Advisor, Vice President
Merrill Lynch
The Merrill Lynch Building
560 South Woodruff Avenue
Idaho Falls, Idaho  83401-5298
Phone: (208) 525-5203


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