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Jim McElfish’s research focuses on development choices and their links to water resources, biological diversity, and infrastructure policy. ELI’s Sustainable Use of Land Program makes connections among state laws, policies, taxes, investments, and land use outcomes. McElfish served as representative of the natural environment on the American Planning Association’s multi-year Growing Smarter Legislative Guidebook Directorate. McElfish also leads ELI programs on water resources, examining how watersheds and resources can be evaluated, used, conserved, and restored. He is a nationally recognized authority on NEPA and a former litigator in private practice and with the Department of the Interior. McElfish has been an ELI Senior Attorney since 1986.


  • Biodiversity: biological diversity—state strategies and local ordinances and policies
  • Judiciary: land use—links between development and infrastructure policies
  • Law: National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA)—implementation, litigation, and public participation; state environmental law—state stringency and comparative programs
  • Water: Chesapeake Bay—laws and policies in the Bay region states; nonpoint source (runoff) water pollution—federal, state, and local control strategies

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Contact James McElfish

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