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Jake Maier Forestry understands that by optimizing the communication and cooperation between landowner, forester, and logging professional, we can improve the quality, vitality, and thus the beauty of the trees and thereby increase the economic, ecologic, and aesthetic value of our forests, because a healthy forest is the best investment for its owner not to speak of the importance for a prosperous society.

We work closely with Master Loggers. Jake was an inspector for the  Master logger Certification Program. This is a logger and logging contractor education and certification program, which started in Maine.

We provide all basic forest management services.

It all starts with a Forest Management Plan. This can be a quick assessment of a stand of trees, a more elaborate Tree Growth Tax Plan, or a full fledged, State approved (possibly cost-shared) Stewardship Plan covering not only trees and tree growth, but also wildlife,  recreation, and aesthetic issues, soil conditions, and others concerns.

We offer services for all stages of a harvest or thinning operation. Lay-out and supervision of a harvest, marking and/or marketing of the trees, boundary maintenance work, we use a computerized mapping system, including air photography and satellite imaging, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS),

We will assist landowners to find and mark property lines or map roads, structures, and other features on a property.

We can help with forestry related Tax questions. You can significantly reduce your tax burden when the books are set up in the right way,  when your forest is not taxed for development value, but instead for its tree growth value, and when tax laws  are used in your favor.

And of course we take care of wildlife issues, forested wetland and vernal pool issues, issues with shoreland zoning, and aesthetic issues.

Contact Jake Maier

Contact Jake Maier

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