Jackson Conservation District

The District is a locally elected nonpartisan entity of state government, whose purpose is to promote wise land use decisions, based upon the capability of the natural resources of Jackson County, through technical assistance and education.

Established in 1948, the District is a locally controlled agency of State government operating under Soil Conservation District Law 297---P.A. 1937 as amended. JCCD is one of 79 county Conservation Districts throughout Michigan (There are 83 counties in Michigan, but a few counties have combined Conservation District offices). Michigan's Conservation Districts are unique local units of State government that utilize state, federal and private sector resources to solve today's conservation problems. The guiding philosophy of all Conservation Districts is that decisions on conservation issues should be made at the local level, by local people, with technical assistance provided by government.

The types of programs and staff at each Conservation District in Michigan vary greatly because of the diversity in landscape and natural resource problems and needs. In Jackson County, the District serves as a “gateway” to conservation services and information relevant to our area. We work in partnership with others organizations to establish local conservation priorities, develop and distribute educational materials, and provide technical assistance.

The District is NOT a regulatory agency. We provide education and technical assistance to residents of Jackson County.



Contact Jackson Conservation District

Contact Jackson Conservation District

Lori Fitzgibbons
211 West Ganson Street
Suite 200
Jackson, Michigan  49201-1241
Phone: 517-395-2082


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Services provided in:
  • Jackson County, Michigan