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Sugar Cane Farming - J. Supple’s Sons grows sugar cane on approximately 2500 acres through agreements with local farmers.  Supple cane is processed at Cora Texas and Lula-Westfield sugar mills.  Supple’s is also a participant in the Louisiana Sugar Refinery, LLC joint venture between Sugar Growers and Refiners, Inc and the agricultural conglomerate, Cargill: http://www.lsrsugar.com/

Supple’s encourages and supports the efforts of our local farmers to improve crop production efficiency through appropriate land management activities such as laser land leveling and planting of fallow acreage.   Laser leveling gives the farmer the ability to increase crop yields and improve land drainage by precisely grading large plots of land. Supple farmers are filling in ditches, head rows and turn rows and using this newly reclaimed acreage for planting sugar cane.  Planting of soybeans and other crops on fallow sugar cane acreage offers greater resource utilization and increased revenues for the company.

Wetland Mitigation Bank - J. Supples Sons participates in the wetlands mitigation banking process by providing land to restore, create, enhance or preserve Louisiana wetlands.   A portion of Supple acreage has been designated as a mitigation “bank” from which “credits” are sold to area developers whose proposed construction projects may damage or destroy wetlands elsewhere.  

The mitigation industry was created as a market-based alternative to wetlands regulations created by the Clean Water Act.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed an interagency agreement that mandates “no net loss” of wetlands nationwide.  This agreement has resulted in the mitigation process becoming part of most USACE permit actions to compensate for the unavoidable loss of wetlands across the nation due to land development projects.  In simpler terms, a developer must compensate or put back in wetlands and natural habitat what has been destroyed in a land development project.  This compensation process may involve the purchase of credits from an off-site mitigation bank.

J.Supple's Sons mitigation bank acreage has been qualified through federal and state natural resources agencies to be a wetland based on its hydrology, vegetation, and soils.  the company is actively selling mitigation credits within the New Orleans district.

Leases - J. Supple's Sons engages in a number of lease arrangements involving company property including:

  • Communications towers
  • Oil & gas exploration and pipelines
  • Road and pipeline right of ways

Contact J. Supple's Sons Planting Company

Contact J. Supple's Sons Planting Company

Jimmy Ewing, Jr.
Farm Manager
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