Innovative Water Technologies

The mission of Innovative Water Technologies is to educate the water community on the use of nontraditional water supplies. This mission is accomplished by participating in research needed to advance technology demonstration projects; developing publications and educational materials; making presentations to the public; and, actively participating in key water organizations.

To promote and advance the use of non-traditional water supply development and management technologies such as desalination; rainwater and stormwater harvesting; water reuse; and aquifer storage and recovery in Texas, Innovative Water Technologies:

  • funds and participates in research and demonstration projects; and,
  • disseminates information through outreach activities.

Through our desalination program, we administer grants for brackish groundwater desalination projects and seawater desalination pilot studies. To date, TWDB has funded 12 brackish groundwater desalination demonstration projects for a total of about $2.6 million, and two seawater desalination pilot plant studies of approximately $3.13 million.

We also have an ongoing program (BRACS) to systematically map and characterize the brackish portions of the major and minor aquifers in the state.

We promote ASR, rainwater and stormwater harvesting, and water reuse through grants for research and demonstration projects and outreach activities. A 2011 summary paper provides a status update on IWT's programs.

Contact Innovative Water Technologies

Contact Innovative Water Technologies

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