Innovative Energy Systems, Inc.

Innovative Energy Systems, Inc. (IES) is a privately owned New York State Corporation specializing in the recovery of methane gas from landfills for the purpose of creating profitable and environmental benefits by using the landfill gas as an alternative energy source. Innovative Energy Systems, Inc. offers full service design, engineering, and manufacturing in all aspects of methane gas recovery for the subsequent use in landfill gas to electricity plants.

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that is a key contributor to global warming. Rather than flaring the gas to the atmosphere, IES utilizes the gas to produce electricity. IES has also utilized the waste heat generated from jacket water and engine exhaust to heat a 13 acre greenhouse facility at our Lewiston location. The heat generated, is transferred in continuous loop from heat exchangers at the power plants to the heat exchangers at the greenhouse. The greenhouse facility produces vine-ripened, hydroponic tomatoes. Because of the unique way in which the plants are grown, they have a growth season which lasts approximately eight to nine months which allows the greenhouse to produce over 6 million pounds of tomatoes annually! IES currently has nine plants in New York State and Vermont, producing over 60 megawatts of capacity with over 25 additional megawatts coming online over the next 1-2 years.

When you work with Innovative Energy Systems, Inc., you have one contact for all aspects of a project, from the designing, drawing, construction, management, etc. You will also work directly with the president of the company, so you will know the immediate status of the project, because he is personally involved in the day to day activities from start to finish, along with the day to day activities of managing the power plant.

  • IES has the in-house capability to provide all design, engineering, construction, manufacturing and administrative services necessary in a complete turnkey package.
  • IES is experienced and qualified to properly assess the hazards that landfill gas presents.
  • IES's owner and staff have been providing landfill services for over fourteen (14) years.
  • IES's experience, in-house capabilities, and proprietary technology produce a quality plant that is cost effective and proven in reliability.

Contact Innovative Energy Systems, Inc.

Contact Innovative Energy Systems, Inc.

Peter H. Zeliff
President and CEO
2999 Judge Road
Oakfield, New York  14125
Phone: (585) 948- 8580
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