Independence BioFuel

Mission Statement

Independence Fuel strives to increase the health of our environment and provide a stable reliable alternative to current energy sources. Achieving this goal will provide additional manufacturing jobs, as well as local economic development and fuel security.

Current BioDiesel/BioHeat™ Customers Include:

  • L.L. Bean
  • Colby College
  • Wiscasset School Dept
  • The State of Maine government offices
  • Old Port Marine,
    The Odyssey and The Indian II
  • Consumers throughout
    New England

Independence Fuel is affiliated with Frontier Energy, the first fuel dealer in Maine to offer biofuel and petroleum fuels in blends and a division of Frontier Oil Co., which has been doing business in central Maine for over 20 years.

Petroleum industry veterans, Independence Fuel and Frontier Energy are proud to pioneer the use of alternative fuels here in New England. Understanding that alternative fuel use depends on price, convenience, and availability, we are committed to making biofuels easy and cost-effective for all consumers, wholesale and retail.

As New England's oldest and most experienced retail and wholesale dealers of BioDiesel and BioHeat™ blends, with a 50,000 gallon bulk storage facility, we have the purchasing power and supply control to ensure you get better quality fuels and lower prices than ever before.

Customers throughout New England are realizing that biofuel is an attractive energy choice for many reasons:

It's domestically produced

  • Supports the American economy
  • Offsets foreign oil imports
  • Provides fuel security

It burns cleaner, lower emissions

  • Better for public health
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Helps mitigate global warming, reduce acid rain
  • A cost-effective way to meet fleet emissions mandates

It's a renewable fuel, made from plants

  • A farm grown product
  • 3:1 energy ratio
  • Not a fossil fuel

It's safer to handle and store than petroleum fuel

  • Low flash point (325° F vs. 125° F for petroleum diesel)
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable
  • Not harmful to humans or pets

It's a premium fuel

  • Far better lubrication
  • High solvency, cleans components
  • Engines run smoother, quieter, cleaner, last longer

It's easy and convenient

  • Blends with petroleum fuel in any ratio
  • Integrates easily with current distillate fuel infrastructure
  • Customers need no modifications to their equipment

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Contact Independence BioFuel

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