Illinois Water Well Abandonment Program

Provide technical and financial assistance to owners of improperly abandoned water wells; assure that appropriate well-sealing measures are used to protect groundwater from potential contamination.

An individual who owns or manages an abandoned water well within Illinois is eligible. An applicant may receive a cost-share of $500 or 80% of actual cost, whichever is less, for one well within each SWCD.

Applicants must file a Request for Cost-Share, a Water Well Sealing Plan, and a cost estimate with the SWCD. The SWCD will review the applications and prioritize wells on the basis of well location and condition. Highest priority will be given to private wells that pose the greatest risk. The cost-share recipient must:

  • Comply with state and local water well codes and other safeguards established by the SWCD and local health department.
  • Notify the local health department at least 48 hours prior to beginning the work.
  • File a Water Well Sealing Form with the local health department within 30 days of well sealing. The SWCD can help the well owner complete the form if a licensed contractor does not seal the well.
  • Provide the SWCD with the final costs of the sealing, and evidence that the project was completed and the Water Well Sealing form was filed with the local health department.

Abandoned well means a water or monitoring well which is no longer used to supply water, or which is in such state of disrepair that the well or boring has the potential for transmitting contaminants into an aquifer or otherwise threatens public health or safety.

Contact Illinois Water Well Abandonment Program

IL Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Land and Water Resources
801 Sangamon Avenue
State Fairgrounds, P.O. Box 19281
Springfield, Illinois  62794
Phone: (217) 782-6297
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