Idaho Office of Species Conservation

The Idaho Office of Species Conservation (OSC) was established in 2000 within the Executive Office of the Governor. The Idaho OSC is tasked with preserving, protecting, and restoring species that are currently listed as either threatened, endangered, or candidate endangered species. In order to achieve this goal, the OSC works to ensure the state implements the Endangered Species Act species recovery plan, coordinate state agencies and their obligations affecting ESA listed species.

The Governor's Office of Species Conservation is dedicated to planning, coordinating and implementing the State's actions to preserve, protect and restore species listed as threatened, endangered or candidate under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA). This work will be done in coordination with the States’ natural resource agencies and with the input of the citizens of Idaho, while taking into consideration the economic vitality of the State.

Contact Idaho Office of Species Conservation

Contact Idaho Office of Species Conservation

Irina Victoria
Administrative Assistant
304 N. 8th Street
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Boise, Idaho  83702
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