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We are young and always learning. We are mature, skilled, experienced and educated. We are single and married, daughters, moms, grandmas, sisters, aunts. We work beside our spouses and partners—roping, riding and branding. We work the chute, give the shots and keep the records. We feed the crew. We work other jobs in town to help support our ranching lifestyle. We teach, guide and watch over the younger generations. We support our family, our friends and neighbors. We volunteer in our communities, in our schools and at church. We are diverse. But, we are also united in our one mission—to promote beef and beef production in Idaho. We are all Idaho CattleWomen!


The Idaho CattleWomen Council’s primary focus is beef education and promotion through teamwork and fellowship.

ICWC members provide support for beef promotion, ranching and beef production throughout the state through events and special projects. In addition, Idaho CattleWomen are actively involved with the Idaho Cattle Association, helping set policy and holding leadership positions. ICWC members are active in local cattlemen and women organizations, in our state association and in national organizations.

Scholarship Program: ICWC raises money each year with a saddle raffle with proceeds supporting the scholarship program. Students with ICA members as family and who are pursuing degrees in agriculture are encouraged to apply. Applications are due each year by June 1. ICWC also manages the scholarship program for Western Stockmen’s/Simplot.

Beef Counts: In 2010, the ICWC teamed up with the Idaho Cattle Association, Idaho Beef Council, Idaho Foodbank and Agri Beef Co., to launch the beef industry’s campaign against hunger in Idaho. Since its inception, Beef Counts has provided more than 600,000 servings of beef to hungry Idahoans.

Legislative Breakfast: In February, the ICWC hosts a Breakfast for the Idaho Legislature. It’s a great time for cattlemen and women to dust off their boots, get off the ranch and meet with their representatives and senators.


  • Idaho CattleWomen Council Chair ~ Robin Lufkin: 208-757-2600,
  • Idaho CattleWomen Representative ~ Megan Satterwhite: 208-420-6795,
  • ICA Publisher ~ Maggie Malson: 208-674-1283,
  • ICA Communications Director ~ Britany Hurst: 208-343-1615, britany@idahocattle.org2015ICWScholarshipApplication
  • Scholarship and Saddle Raffle Committee Chair ~ Trish Dowton:

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the ICWC and/or ICA, click here or email:

Contact Idaho CattleWomen Council

Contact Idaho CattleWomen Council

Robin Lufkin
Council Chair
2120 Airport Way
Boise, Idaho  83715
Cell Phone: 208-757-2600


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