HydroPoint Data Systems

HydroPoint Data Systems, founded in 2002, is the market and technology leader in Smart Water Management. Headquartered in Petaluma, Calif., HydroPoint is privately owned and operated.

Our team creates a smart irrigation management plan customized to meet the needs of your company, your vendors and each irrigation zone across your sites. We listen to your unique business and water management requirements to address specific landscape challenges. Then we see your organization through every step toward truly smart irrigation, from site selection to training for your landscape maintenance staff.

Site Evaluations

  • Accelerate ROI through site selection based on water bill analyses, applicable public agency rebates and local water rate structures.
  • Conduct property survey, taking inventory of all controllers and photographing landscape conditions.
  • Establish irrigation benchmark by collecting current runtimes for varied plant types.
  • Produce written report of projected water savings with irrigation system optimized for efficiency. Any barriers to efficiency, and therefore savings, are noted.

Irrigation System Efficiency Audits

  • Evaluate head-to-head coverage and water pressure.
  • Identify missing, broken or improperly adjusted sprinkler heads.
  • Observe electrical wiring and record ohm values for each valve zone.
  • Check for lateral line breaks, mismatched system components and other sources of inefficiency.
  • Document any irrigation system repairs necessary to achieve minimum efficiency standards.
  • Prioritize both required and recommended system upgrades.

Upgrade, Installation and Maintenance Plans

  • Review system upgrade plan with staff and vendors.
  • Orient staff and vendors to smart irrigation practices and technologies.
  • Create phased controller installation plan.
  • Conduct pilot installation and process analysis.
  • Manage upgrade roadmap that ensures cost saving, conservation and plant health goals are met.

Deployment, Training and Assessments

  • Coordinate and oversee controller installation and programming.
  • Manage deployment, schedule and resources.
  • Provide ongoing consulting and inspection services.
  • Deliver staff and vendor training.
  • Validate successful completion of all milestones.
  • Inspect final work output and issue report.
  • Audit water bills by site.
  • Visit sites quarterly to review landscape health and irrigation systems.

Our goal is not to sell you irrigation repair or landscape maintenance services. We are here to provide the expertise and training you need to minimize costs, reduce liability and get the most from your landscape professionals.

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