Hortau Simplified Irrigation

Founded in 2002, Hortau is a leader in wireless, web-based irrigation management systems. Hortau’s patented irrigation management solutions help growers detect plant stress using soil tension, ensuring optimal crop growth while reducing water use, energy consumption and environmental impact.

For more than a decade, Hortau has been an industry leader in precision soil moisture monitoring, developing one of the first web-based irrigation management systems on the market and helping growers take the guesswork out of irrigation management.

Using soil tension to determine the precise amount of water to be applied, Hortau’s proprietary system has helped growers of countless crop types improve plant health, boost yields and cut irrigation costs.

Hortau’s wireless irrigation field technology, combined with its simple, cloud-based software, securely reports to owners and ranch managers how crops are faring in real time.

The patented soil tension sensors allow growers to detect plant stress, which is the driving factor in crop yield and quality before the damage is done. This proven technology greatly increases a grower’s water-use efficiency and cuts down on fertilizer leaching, thus improving the bottom line.

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