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Hilliard Estate and Land Management is a full service firm that assists with all aspects of land ownership and management, including project selection, improvement, and maintenance. We combine our clients’ visions with practical, cost-effective implementation plans that achieve long-term management strategies while adding financial and recreational value.


Owning and managing land can be an expensive, complicated, and time-intensive process. We have a unique ability to help our clients navigate this process that’s born from years of on-the-ground experience. Although no two consulting projects are ever the same our objective remains constant – maximize a property’s potential through efficient management of available resources.

We work with our clients to identify and prioritize their end goals and uses, and then outline the most effective path to achieve those objectives. We help clients capitalize on unrealized assets on their land, and have experience navigating land sale and purchase transactions, conservation opportunities, cost-share programs, and mitigation projects.

Management Services

HELM provides an array of ongoing management services for our clients ranging from one-time installation to ongoing comprehensive management. We are a value driven company built on quality and efficiency, and because every client and every farm are different we customize our services to match the needs of specific projects and property owners. We complete the vast majority of projects using in-house resources and personnel. However, in the event a client needs a specialized service outside of our area of expertise we partner with a select number of subcontractors that we believe are the best in the business.

Wildlife Habitat

We are passionate about wildlife and hunting. Habitat projects are some of our favorite projects to work with clients on, and over the years we’ve seen clients ongoing commitment to habitat creation produce impressive results.

Whether its creating trophy deer habitat, building a shallow water impoundment, or installing a turnkey dove field, every property  holds unique challenges and rewards. As a result of this we have a multifaceted approach when analyzing and recommending improvements and solutions. Every single one of our wildlife projects are custom designed – we literally start at ground and work up from there.

Our method is based on experience, but driven by data and results. After determining a client’s end goal we begin an ongoing process to understand, create, and finally enhance the habitat and food plots we’ve created. There is nothing in nature that is one-size-fits-all, and nothing on your property should be either. Our approach includes, among other things:

  • Soil analysis
  • Studying existing habitat and populations, flight patterns, bedding areas, and available food sources
  • Optimizing food plot location and size accordingly
  • Creating customized planting plan for each individual plot
  • Prep and plant food plots based on customized plan
  • Pre-emergent and Post-emergent weed control
  • Regular site visits throughout the growing season
    • Detailed observations are recorded
    • Ongoing plot maintenance is customized based on conditions and results
  • All information is gathered and recorded throughout the hunting season to analyze results and improve on successes.

Every piece of data – soil analysis, crop rotation, seed rate, herbicide, and so forth, is recorded. For more information look at our habitat, planning, and project gallery pages.


Fencing is an essential part of every well maintained property. From three or four board horse fence, to high-tensile and everything in between, HELM can install the fence that will complete your property and enhance its function and aesthetics.

We can help navigate the process of deciding which type of fence to install, paddock & pasture layout, overall design, and so forth. We’re also careful about weighing the cost benefits of replacing versus mending existing fence. After all fencing is an investment, so whenever possible we work to maintain existing infrastructure.

We have two self-propelled post drivers, which not only allows us to move quickly and efficiently on large projects, but also results in the most durable fence out there. No concrete, no auger, no tamping – just a rock solid fence that will last as long as the wood does.

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