High Sierra Beef, Inc.

Ranchers from Nevada, Yuba, Placer, Sierra, Plumas and El Dorado Counties established High Sierra Beef, Inc. in July 2004. Our mission is to provide a distinctive, high-quality, and safe grass-fed and finished product. Our cattle never receive grain, growth hormones or fed antibiotics.

Grass-fed and finished beef is a healthy alternative, with less saturated fat and more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Our animals spend their entire lives on open pasture. Their grazing benefits the land and improves wildlife habitat. As long as the rancher practices controlled grazing, it is a sustainable, solar-powered system for producing food on rangeland.

Our Mission

High Sierra Beef, Inc. will provide a distinctive, high quality and safe grass-fed and finished beef product raised in the Sierra Nevada region of California and the Eastern Cascade Meadows of Oregon. In so doing, High Sierra Beef, Inc. will sustain family ranchers by providing greater profitability for producers and investors.

Contact High Sierra Beef, Inc.

Contact High Sierra Beef, Inc.

Jenny Cavaliere
P.O. Box 118
Oregon House, California  95962
Phone: (530) 692-2564
Cell Phone: (530) 635-0183


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • California