Hickory Hills Hunting Preserve

Hickory Hills Hunting preserve is a 2000-acre preserve in Southwest Mississippi. Established in 1996, the preserve is part of a family owned farm located about 60 miles southwest of Jackson (the state capital) near the rural town of Hermanville. The entire farm is comprised of 12,000 acres of mostly wooded rolling terrain with approximately ten percent open land.

The entire farm has been under strict management for trophy deer for decades. Since the preserve was established the management has become even more intense and has now produced deer scoring over 200 inches Boone and Crockett. Our strict management keeps a buck to doe ratio of 2:1 with a deer every 5 acres. This management allows us to produce a large number of trophy bucks each year as well as harvest a limited number of management bucks, all the while giving hunters the opportunity to view an extremely large number of immature bucks.

In addition to the large number of whitetails, visitors will likely see a variety of other wildlife. Hickory Hills also has a healthy population of exotic deer, Russian hogs, and eastern wild turkey along with all the native species.

Contact Hickory Hills Hunting Preserve

Contact Hickory Hills Hunting Preserve

Shannon Adams
1035 Old Port Gibson Road
Hermanville, Mississippi  39086
Phone: (601) 535-2723


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