Helios is a new company that draws on a deep well of experience with solar charging systems for golf carts and low speed electric vehicles – we are the former management, sales and operations team of SunGo Power Systems.

Our mission is to promote the use of clean, green power sources, by developing, manufacturing and distributing products that contain the leading technologies and are of the highest quality and lowest cost on the market.

Recent developments in the field of Solar Photovoltaic panel making, high-efficiency charge controllers, and the growing mass production of Solar components have contributed to significantly better and lower priced components for Solar electric systems. The Federal tax credits, grants, and the many state and local utility tax credits, as well as rebates and tariff programs, contribute to making Solar very affordable. In many cases, after all the incentives are utilized, Helios’ products become free to the end-user.

We, at Helios, manufacture a large product line of solar charging systems. We also supply products made by other premium manufacturers of Solar Equipment. All of our products have been tested and inspected and have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.


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Contact Helios

Spiro Mavromates
1901 NW 67th Place
Suite I
Gainesville, Florida  32653
Phone: 352-377-9554
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Statewide service provider in:
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