Haskell Barnett
 Our 40 acre plant is located in the Ozark Mountains near St. Joe, Arkansas on the beautiful Buffalo River.

     The timber here was selected because at higher elevations we get slower growth which makes the wood more dense, stronger, and stable in the construction of wood fence.

     Here we harvest, mill, and process whole trees into the beautiful fence that will last a lifetime.

     We have been in the business of selling and manufacturing fence for over 30 years.  In this time we have seen the necessity to bring to our industry a wood fence that will be strong, long lasting, and weather to a beautiful color with no upkeep or maintenance.

     Few wood species used for fence construction purposes in the United States today are recognized as possessing and marked natural resistance to terminate and fungi attack.

     Fungi (decay) and wood boring insects (termites) are responsible for extensive damage which drastically reduces the usefulness of wood when exposed to nature.

     Practically all wood in nature is exposed at one time or another to attack by wood destroying (decay producing) fungi.  Once decay has started in wood the rate of deterioration depends on conditions that favor growth of fungus.  All wood fence is subject to the foremost of these conditions of moisture, oxygen and temperature.

     In the United States insects (termites) have assumed a position of major importance among the organisms responsible for deterioration of wood fences.

     Fortunately resistance to attack may be artificially produced by adequately impregnating properly prepared wood with the preservative, copper naphthenate (Cu Nap).

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Contact Haskell Barnett

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