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Local SWCDs are actively involved throughout the State in soil and water conservation activities such as operation and maintenance of flood control structures; sponsoring pesticide workshops, producer field days, land and range judging contests, and scholarships; and securing money for the construction of outdoor classrooms. Each SWCD is an independent political subdivision of state government and is governed by five directors elected by rural landowners.

Local SWCDs and the TSSWCB employ the certified Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) Program as a first line of defense against nonpoint source water pollution. This traditional conservation planning program is based on the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS) Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG), and is recognized by the TCEQ as an effective alternative to water quality permitting on smaller animal feeding operations. The State of Texas has recognized the FOTG, when properly implemented, as being protective of Texas Surface Water Quality Standards. Through the partnership, NRCS field office personnel certify that each WQMP meets the FOTG definition of a Resource Management System. The TSSWCB also administers a financial incentive program (Senate Bill 503, 1993, 73rd Legislature) to encourage the implementation of WQMPs.

Contact Hartley SWCD

Contact Hartley SWCD

Bob Gruner
Field Representative
811 4th Street
PO Box 15, Suite A
Hartley, Texas  79044-0015
Phone: (806) 365-4453


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