Harris County SWCD

Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB) and the
Harris County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) 

The District provides a variety of services related to the conservation of our natural resources, in cooperation with the NRCS and our other partners. Please call or visit the office for more information at:

713 397 6996

Harris Co. Service Center

10808 Huffmeister Rd

Houston, TX 77065.


Conservation Planning - Conservation planning assistance helps the land user make management decisions based on practical considerations. The plan includes: environmental evaluation, planning maps and soils information, record of land user's decisions, nutrient and pest management, and technical information. Growers are encouraged to use Best Management Practices (BMPs) in their plans of operation.

Soil Survey - The soil survey is a publication which contains information that can be used in land planning programs. It provides maps, descriptions of soils and tables of predictions of soil behavior for selected land uses. It is a valuable tool for farmers, ranchers, planners, builders, conservationists, teachers, and students. This book can be obtained free of charge at the Harris County Service Center, 10808 Huffmeister Rd., Houston, TX 77065.

Soils Evaluations - Individual land units can be evaluated for their soils properties and uses.

Drainage Design - Crop growth requirements will at times need to remove excess water during the growing season. Field ditches, ditches, and culvert pipe design and sizing are part of the Conservation Planning system.

Pond Design - The District office can provide pond information which includes soils information and design recommendations. Additional information on pond maintenance and aquaculture is also available.

Historical Aerial Photographs - Laser photocopies of sites from USDA/NRCS aerial photos (1953, 1964, 1971, 1981, 1989, and 1995) are available for a small handling fee or can be reviewed in the office by appointment.

Topographical Maps - "Topo" maps, which show elevations and drainage systems, are available for viewing by appointment.

Community Outreach - The District has a Powerpoint presentation available for community and education groups (such as Teacher Workshops).  A member of the NRCS Field office can be made available for specific questions and answers to your group.   Specially organized "Sandwich Sessions" also available with advance notice.  Contact the office for more details and reservations.

Other services are available - please call us at 713 397 6996, or visit us at 10808 Huffmeister Rd, Houston, TX 77065

Contact Harris County SWCD

Contact Harris County SWCD

Cathy Rogers McCoy
District Administrator
10808 Huffmeister Road
Houston, Texas  77065-3106
Phone: 713 397 6996


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