Harney County Wildfire Protection Plan

The Community Wildfire Protection Plan, CWPP, provides details on the risks, hazards, and valuable facilities to protect in case of a wildfire. Harney County received grant monies from the US Department of the Interior (BLM administered) to conduct this planning effort.

The minimum requirements for a CWPP as described in the HFRA are:

  • Collaboration: A CWPP must be collaboratively developed by local and state government representatives, in consultation with federal agencies and other interested parties. Prioritized Fuel Reduction: A CWPP must identify and prioritize areas for hazardous fuel reduction treatments and recommend the types and methods of treatment that will protect one or more at-risk communities and essential infrastructure.
  • Treatment of Structural Ignitiability: A CWPP must recommend measures that homeowners and communities can take to reduce the ignitability of structures throughout the area addressed by the plan.

Handouts That Help Prepare for Fire

Contact Harney County Wildfire Protection Plan

Contact Harney County Wildfire Protection Plan

Brandon M. McMullen
Planning Director
450 N. Buena Vista #11
Burns, Oregon  97720
Phone: 541-573-6655
Fax: 541-573-8387


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