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North Country Lodge is a modern full service facility specializing in the hunting of black bear and whitetail deer.

North Country Lodge was established in 1985, and is located in Aroostook County Maine, the largest wilderness area east of the Mississippi River, 11 miles north of Patten Maine, and approximatley 25 miles east of Maine’s largest state park (Baxter State Park).
The Lodge is nestled among the pines and spruce, lending itself to the overall breathtaking beauty of this magnificent hunters paradise.
For well over a century, Aroostook County has offered the finest Black Bear, Whitetail deer, and moose hunting on the North American continent.
Hardwood ridges, rolling hills, swamps and bogs provide the setting for an exciting and memorable experience in the vast North Maine Woods. If your dream is to bag a trophy Maine Whitetail deer, Black Bear, or moose, North Country Lodge is here for you.

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Contact Hank Goodman

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