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GEC was established in 1986 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as a small engineering consulting firm. It has grown over the years into a firm of national prominence by assembling the talents of a large team of engineering, planning, economic, environmental, and geographic information systems (GIS) professionals.

GEC’s success and growth is based on its reputation as a professional organization that provides complete and proficient services from planning to implementation of projects for private and public clients in all parts of the United States as well as overseas.

GEC provides integrated planning and design services for public and private clients nationwide. We provide a wide range of expertise for applications to land and water projects. The diverse resources of the company include civil and structural engineering, economic analysis, environmental and ecological sciences, and GIS applications. Services are provided separately or in an integrated fashion, depending on client needs. Our commitment to our clients is to produce high-quality planning and design documents on time and within budget in keeping with the special needs of our clients so that their objectives can be accomplished in a timely and efficient manner.

Projects include roads and bridges, airports, intelligent transportation systems, sewerage and waste water systems, water supply systems, electrical systems, navigation, harbor and ports projects, flood control and drainage projects, environmental and coastal restoration projects, wetland mitigation projects, and energy related projects. GEC’s staff of 200 includes civil, structural, electrical, geotechnical, coastal, and environmental engineers, economists, biologists, foresters, financial experts, geologists, landscape architects, geographers, GIS and computer program specialists, and certified planners.

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Contact Gulf Engineers & Consultants

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