Gulf Coast Renewable Resources

Gulf Coast Renewable Resources is a full service contracting company who specializes in rainwater harvesting and solar power systems.

We are dedicated to giving homeowners and businesses more control over the issues that seem to be pressing us the most. 

Solar is widely thought to be the energy choice for the future. Solar allows you to power your home or business with clean, renewable energy. When you go solar, you take control of your electricity costs and opt out of utility rate increases. Offset your monthly electric bills to a comfortable level or by as much as 100%!

  • Clean power, produced on-site.
  • Low installed cost = Quick return on investment.
  • Renewable source of energy that is constantly replenished.

Rainwater harvesting is the single most sustainable activity available to most people today. Our tanks are made with only high-quality components specifically designed for the rainwater harvesting industry. Let us help you find a system that is perfect for your needs and start you on your way to water independence.

  • Only 2.5% of the world's water is fresh.
  • Significantly reduces your water bills.
  • You have total control over your water supply.


Contact Gulf Coast Renewable Resources

Contact Gulf Coast Renewable Resources

Justin Owens
711 27th St
Galveston , Texas  77550
Cell Phone: (409) 766-0208


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