GrowFood Carolina

GrowFood Carolina promotes local foods, local farms and rural sustainability.

GrowFood Carolina’s mission is to help the local food market reach its full potential by providing meaningful opportunities to rural farmers that will strengthen and secure the future of a regional food supply and ensure that local rural lands remain in agricultural use.

Who We Are

GrowFood Carolina works to serve local farmers, local consumers and the local community. We enable local growers access to local markets, such as grocery stores and restaurants, by providing the logistical and distribution support they need. Local consumers then have easier access to local products in traditional retail outlets.

What We Do

We operate a local food warehouse where we aggregate locally grown produce from more than 20 local farms within a 120 mile radius of Charleston, SC. We distribute to more than 45 customers, including retail markets and restaurants, farm to school programs, and are expanding to serve institutions and other food service locations.

GrowFood Carolina works to connect growers, consumers, and the community.

We visit every participating farm, facilitate regular communication, and educate growers on important issues related to crop planning, regulatory compliance, post-harvest handling, packing, and traceability. The downtown Charleston warehouse is perfectly situated for fresh produce aggregation from nearby farms.  Our highly skilled staff then markets, sells, and distributes this local product to grocery stores, restaurants, and other wholesale customers. Our nonprofit mission-driven structure allows us to return a large percentage of the sale price to the farmer. In addition, our goal is to include transparency, traceability, and the farmer’s personal story with all of our produce. Our brand adds value and visibility to local products, making it easier for buyers to support local and ultimately allowing growers more time and money to do what they do best—grow food.

Contact GrowFood Carolina

Contact GrowFood Carolina

990 Morrison Drive
Charleston, South Carolina  29403
Phone: 843-727-0091


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Charleston County, South Carolina