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Sustainability is who we are; Environmental, Economic. Where Alabama was once a national leader in "feeding its own", we now buy 95+% of all we eat from some other state or country. This amounts to a loss of $50 billion to our State, depleted rural communities and struggling farmers. And, for all of us that eat, not the freshest, most nutritious food that is necessary--and possible. Grow Alabama's aim is to amend these statistics by building the demand for locally grown produce for our farmer's to fill.

Grow Alabama is an alliance of family farmers, from all around Alabama, committed to healthy, fresh and tasty food. And we are your best source for a regular, year-round supply of a variety of high quality fruits and vegetables grown locally for you and your family. We deliver weekly to your home, office or local pick-up location- state-wide.

Grow Alabama is an Alabama citizens' movement. We are a STAND for economic and environmental sustainability for Alabama, its farmers and rural communities through Alabama agriculture. This is our stand, mission and commitment.

What we must accept through grocery stores is inferior to what our farmers can provide. Food from Alabama farms, largely unavailable in grocery stores, will provide missing quality in purity, flavors, freshness and nutrient content. It will also be more sustainable, environmentally and economically, for our farmers, rural communities and our state.

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Contact Grow Alabama

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