What We Do

GreenVest is an experienced leader in the ecosystem services industry. We are an innovative and effective solution provider, using private capital to acquire, restore and preserve land containing impaired
ecological systems. We generate environmental value by creating ecological assets, tradable commodities in the form of credits, generated from the preservation, enhancement, restoration or creation of natural ecological systems; This is GreenVest’s core business.

Why We Do It

We have learned in marketing that everyone says “what we do” and “how we do it”……what they don’t tell you is “Why?”

Many decision makers are turning to GreenVest because we get it. We deliver results and inspire loyalty. Why?

  • We challenge the status quo and show cynics what can be accomplished.
  • We instill confidence by establishing that sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand.
  • We show that there can be a balance between protecting the environment, enhancing the economy and satisfying conflicting interests.
  • We create value where interests appear in jeopardy.
  • We are passionate about our approach and solutions and will help leave this world in better shape for our children.
  • We make a difference.

Doug Lashley is the founder and CEO of GreenVest, LLC. He has 37 years of experience in mitigation banking, law, real estate finance, land use, land development and liquidation of distressed real estate. Mr. Lashley is an industry pioneer and has been a nationally recognized leader in mitigation banking and ecosystems services for over 20 years.  Both personally and professionally, he is a passionate advocate for the environment. This passion inspired the creation of an innovative and sustainable business model that has transformed ecosystem services into a successful private enterprise. Mr. Lashley is responsible for developing acquisition strategies, handling regulatory negotiations, as well as assessing the financial feasibility of restoration and sustainable redevelopment projects for our clients and GreenVest owned projects.   He is a licensed Maryland lawyer and real estate broker. Mr. Lashley has dedicated his career to creating value on environmentally and ecologically challenged land.

As part of his ongoing dedication to sustainability, Mr. Lashley lectures frequently on the beneficial aspects of Ecological Asset Development and Management, Green Infrastructure, and emerging market trends such as  nutrient mitigation banking. Mr. Lashley currently teaches sustainable development practices in the Graduate School of Architecture & Real Estate at the University of Maryland. He has created a stable platform for GreenVest to continue as an industry leader providing highly specialized advisory services, innovative problem solving and superior quality mitigation solutions into the foreseeable future.

Mr. Lashley is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a BA in Business and received his JD from George Mason University. He is based in GreenVest’s Annapolis, Maryland office.

Contact GreenVest

Contact GreenVest

Doug Lashley
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Millersville, Maryland  21108
Phone: 410-987-5500
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