You want to eat better, save time, and support local farmers. We're here to help!

Greenling brings you good food, in a way that's good for the planet. Easy online ordering, all-local and organic selection, and FREE delivery are just the first reasons our customers think we're the bees knees.

Still hungry for more? Okay, let's start with how to order.

Our online shop page is the place to start. There you can browse our HUGE selection of all-organic and/or local food, and see the prices right up front. (Hint: they're about the same as the grocery store.) When you see an item you want, add it to your cart and follow the check-out instructions to receive it on the delivery day of your choice. It's really easy. Just like choosing local and organic should be!

One more thing: our minimum order is just $25, and you can pick and choose exactly the items you want. With Greenling you only pay for the food you order-- there are no delivery fees, subscription costs, or membership dues. We carry more than just produce, too! There's a full grocery selection of baked goods, meats, dairy, pantry items, and prepped foods waiting for you over on that shop page.
Sounds pretty awesome, right? Here's more about where we source our products.

Greenling supports hundreds of local farms and food artisans -- a different network in each market we serve. Our inventory is ginormous, and our online ordering system allows us to work with farmers of all sizes. Once a farmer is approved as a Greenling vendor, they bring their products to our warehouse. Occasionally, we pick up bulk items at farmers' markets, too, if it saves a farmer a trip into the city during the week.

Everything we carry is Certified Organic or local and sustainably grown, and we personally visit each of our local vendors to ensure their commitment to sustainable growing practices. Our full roster of local farms is listed on our website, and there's even a cool map so you can see exactly where in the state your food is coming from. If you ever have a question about a specific product or farm, give us a call! Talking with people about local and organic food is basically our favorite thing in the world, so hearing from you will make our day.

Now, the nitty gritty. How we make your order perfect for you.

On your delivery day, our team will hand pack an insulated green bin with all the goodness your heart desires. Sturdy stuff, like canned goods and potatoes, will be placed in the bottom of the bin. More delicate items, like breads and bananas, will be gently placed on top. Cold items are packed together in a separate cold-pack with ice -- guaranteed to stay fresh! Small orders typically fit in just one bin, while larger orders may be split between multiple bins. Once the order is completely packed, we double check that it's complete and correct before we load it into a refrigerated delivery van.

Our delivery vans ensure your order remains temperature controlled until your trusty Greenling driver brings it to your doorstep. Not at home when we arrive? No problem! We'll leave the bin in a shady spot, and it's guaranteed to stay fresh for up to four hours. While we're stopped, we'll pick up any used bins you've got on hand and return then to Greenling HQ to be cleaned and reused.

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Contact Greenling

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