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GreenLight Energy Solutions was initially formed by Mr. Americo Mallozzi and Mr. Gary Mallozzi Jr. During Americo Mallozzi’s final semesters he was fortunate enough to take an Environmental Science class which truly opened up his eyes to the real problems at hand. Americo and his brother Gary decided that their future goals would be to make an impact on this world and to better our society for future generations as minimal as it may be.

Since then GreenLight Energy Solutions has been a market leading provider of renewable energy solutions for residential and commercial applications. As a socially responsible company GreenLight Energy Solutions wants to educate consumers on not only the environmental benefits of renewable energy but also the financial payback.


The mission of GreenLight Energy Solutions LLC is to serve the Northeast with affordable, efficient, and attractive renewable energy systems. Greenlight Energy Solutions recognizes the future environmental impacts that will take place from our current energy consumption and production.  As a socially responsible company we are committed to alleviating this impact by providing the best solar and wind products to our customers. Greenlight Energy Solutions is committed to the quality of its team who shares the vision and passion for improving the environment. GreenLight Energy Solutions purpose is to save you money, help you use less energy, and promote a healthier lifestyle for America.

Contact Greenlight Energy Solutions

Contact Greenlight Energy Solutions

Americo Mallozzi
1364 Mineral Spring Ave.
North Providence, Rhode Island  02904
Phone: (401) 413-8214
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