Greenleaf Forestry and Wood Products, Inc.

Greenleaf was founded by Len Lankford, a pioneering private forester in Colorado. Beginning in 1975, he created Lankford Foresters, Inc., and built a forest conservation management network of private landowners.  Greenleaf Forestry and Wood Products continues this work and focuses on a larger community goal – sustainable jobs linked to sustainable forest care. Greenleaf’s seasoned crews of foresters, harvesters, millers, designers, carpenters and artisans and associated contractors bring unique talents and innovation to the operation.  Their skill and experience enable us to offer you a level of quality that is unmatched in the industry.  What sets us apart is how we understand, manage, and utilize forest resources -- and how we work with you.

Carefully thinning overgrown forests, we greatly reduce the risks of fire and disease and restore natural conditions.  We emphasize thoughtful and artistic tree removals, taking out the worst first. This balanced, environmentally sound approach often provides us with a wonderful array of natural wood. In a forest treatment, we may remove hearty red Douglas-fir, soft blue streaked Ponderosa pine, white patina Aspen, or aromatic gnarled Pinon.  The sizes and shapes of these woods are intriguing.  Our goal is to best utilize these excess renewable materials to help improve forestry economics. Greenleaf pays forremoved wood at market value or allows credits to help offset service costs. Our forestry expertise is tailored to each operation and can greatly enhance and protect your landscape.   

Contact Greenleaf Forestry and Wood Products, Inc.

Contact Greenleaf Forestry and Wood Products, Inc.

Len Lankford
President and CEO
1500 Rosita Road
Westcliffe, Colorado  81252
Phone: 719-783-4250
Cell Phone: 719-429-4404


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