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State legislators recognized the need to support grassroots conservation efforts. As a result, the Conservation District law was passed authorizing the creation of county conservation districts. Today there is a conservation district established in every Pennsylvania county, except Philadelphia.

Each conservation district is led by a Board of Directors made up of local people from all walks of life. These volunteers study county natural resource issues and make decisions which enhance and protect their community. District boards frequently discuss issues and solutions with neighboring district board members before taking action that could impact life across county lines. The Greene County Consevation District Board of Directors is comprised of at least four farm directors, no less than two public directors, and one county commissioner. It is these directors that plan and direct the district programs, coordinate the help of governmental agenceis, assign priority to requests for assistance from private landowners for resource development efforts, and serve as a community through the district every year.

The Greene County Conservation District was formed and declared a District by the Greene County Board of Commissioners on July 18, 1956, in accordance with the "Soil Conservation Law" of 1945, Act 217, of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, and began operations on September 16, 1956. The district was organized at the request of county citizens to provide for the conservation of soil and watershed protection and flood protection, preserve woodland and wildlife, protect public lands, preserve the tax base, and to protect and promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the people.

The Greene County Conservation District is charged with a mission that serves the public trust. To promote the awareness of conservation practices and their effects. To figure prominently to any activities that have an effect on the natural resources of Greene County. To offer technical assistance to private landowners and municipalities that request help. And, first line assessment of environmental complaints.

As a governmental organization whose concerns are the protection and enhancement of the land, air, water and wildlife resources within the boundaries of the county. It is understood that conservation works best when local people play an active role in managing their natural resources. We are dedicated to assisting the citizens and communities within Greene County to promote wise usage of these natural resources and ensure their availability for future generations.

Contact Greene Conservation District

Contact Greene Conservation District

Lisa Snider
District Manager
93 East High St.
Greene Co. Office Bldg., Rm. 215
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania  15370
Phone: (724) 852-5278
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